Decadent Art Club
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About Decadent Art Club
Ten minute walk from the town square, Decadent is the last house of the historic zone of UNESCO town of Cesky Krumlov, we are on the border of tourist and residential areas. 

Decadent Art Club is family-owned and operated art residence. If you are a musician, who likes jam sessions, talk to Federico. Filippo is a busy sculptor,  Paloma tinkers in modeling and design, I am a writer, script writer, poet, painter and performer. Neroli is a wig maker and make up artist. Loft is run by the photographer - Tereza z Davle, and it is located just a few minutes from Decadent. 

Decadent opened in 2013 as a residence and a meeting place for artists and like minded people. It is furnished with an eye on detail with vintage bric-a-brac, useless nicknacks, hundreds of books, variety of musical instruments and unique antiques of all eras.

It has a walled patio garden and a higher level shady woodland garden. Do not expect a stiff collar service nor a posh welcome. This is a home and an art residence, not a hotel.

At times, at spur of a moment, we have artist gatherings, theatre performances, book readings or concerts happening with no dates available to be advised.